I'm Curvy; What Are The Best Plus Size Tattoo Clothing Brands for me?

Blk Ink - I'm Curvy What are the Best Plus Size Tattoo Clothing Brands for me?

The social stigma associated with having a thicker body is slowly deteriorating, allowing more prominent individuals to wear their perfect fit in public. However, finding the ideal fit is tricky since most stylish fashion and design clothing brands make attires for more petite women.

Furthermore, failing to find a stylish fit for curvier individuals results in the inability to attend specific events, incorporate their desired dressing style, and many other factors.

Fortunately, Blk Ink Apparel Tattoo Clothing offers all you need as we are an inclusive brand dedicated to providing design clothing options for people of all races, sizes, and gender. Therefore, this article aims to reveal more details on how Blk Ink is the perfect brand for helping bigger people find the best plus-size tattoo clothing.


Importance of Wearing Plus Size Tattoo Clothing That Fit

Irrespective of your fashion preference or body type, wearing clothes that fit is a factor all individuals must prioritize. Besides ensuring you feel comfortable in whatever you wear, wearing suitable plus-size tattoo clothing prevents you from appearing bigger than your size.

Blk Ink - Plus size tattoo clothing

In other words, the correct size allows you to live your truth, present your physique naturally, and look visually appealing. Furthermore, the proper plus-size tattoo clothing makes you look edgy and stylish while emphasizing your torso's symmetry and positive aspects.

Ultimately, choosing plus-size tattoo clothing that fits allows you to look beautiful, attractive, and consistent with your actual body shape.

The Best Plus Size Tattoo Clothing Brands


Many larger individuals experience difficulties when finding the perfect tattoo clothing since most available options are made for average-sized people. Therefore, this section will present some unique tattoo clothing brands that offer plus-size options for curvier men and women.

Best Plus Size Tattoo Clothing Brands 

Here are some of the best plus-size tattoo clothing brands available:


1. Blk Ink

Blk Ink Apparel Tattoo Clothing brand is one of the world's most exciting establishments that offer fashionable tattoo designs on multiple items. The brand provides visually stunning tattoo designs on t-shirts, bags, and hoodies, ensuring you look stylish in different forms.

Blk Ink has its office situated in Dublin, Ireland, embracing diversity and working to refine beauty with its tattoo clothing line. Each attractive design is ideal for both men and women, alongside the option for plus-size individuals, meaning everyone gets to be edgy and beautiful without a hassle.


2. Seventh Ink


Tattoo clothing comes in different forms and art styles, and Seventh Ink is a testament to this fact. This unique brand offers a horror-themed clothing line, each with varying haunting colors, perfect for getting that edgy, sophisticated, and attractive look.

Seventh Ink offers clothing options, including hats, button-down shirts, tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, and more. Furthermore, each option comes in different sizes, from "Small" to "Extra Extra, Large," allowing plus-size individuals to look stylish in these clothes.


3. Sullen Clothing


Another unique brand that offers stunning pieces of tattoo fashion is Sullen Clothing. This establishment has its headquarters in California and offers tattoo clothing designs inspired by the environment's Beach culture.

Their collection includes hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and flannels for men and women, allowing you to look stylish based on your fashion preference. Furthermore, Sullen Clothing offers these items in different sizes, from Size "S" to "5X", which solidifies the brand as a reliable option for plus-size tattoo clothing.


4. Idle Fury


Like Blk Ink Apparel Tattoo Clothing, Idle Fury aims to challenge contemporary fashion standards and introduce unconventional options. As expected, this passion resulted in the brand offering clothes with bold designs, gritty textures, and beautiful letter forms while being consistent with expected tattoo fashion art.

Furthermore, Idle Fury offers a clothing line consisting primarily of t-shirts and hoodies; nevertheless, they are beautiful, impressive, and high-quality. Additionally, each option is unisex and available in different sizes, from "Small" to "Extra Extra Large." They're a brand worth checking out.


5. High Dive Apparel


High Dive Apparel is another reliable tattoo clothing brand with a collection of fashionable pieces worth your while. Each item is made with high-quality materials and contains intricately designed tattoo art.

Whether you're an average size or Curvy, High Dive Apparel can meet your needs as their collection of fashionable items features petite and plus-size tattoo clothing. It's also worth mentioning that this brand collaborates with other tattoo artists to make the most visually appealing art, giving nothing but top-quality hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, and more.


6. Ink Addict

Suppose you're a fan of tattoo clothing but desire fashion pieces with simple, mild, but attractive designs, then Ink Addict can supply your needs. This tattoo fashion and design brand offers a more subtle and elegant tattoo art style ideal for both men and women in different environments.

Like many options in this list, Ink Addict offers tattoo clothing designs in tank tops, t-shirts, and hoodies, giving you a variety of styles to pull off. Furthermore, these beautiful designs are available for plus size and more petite individuals, empowering anyone to dress according to their personality without fearing looking ridiculous.


7. Steadfast Brand


The Steadfast brand is based in the US and has been a popular option for tattoo designs and tattoo-related clothing for years. While the establishment offers options for possessing intricate tattoo designs, most of its content has words inscribed on each.

Some of these words include "Tattooed and employed," "Tattooed grandpa," and "Tattoo marine." Therefore, Steadfast Brands is the best place to get stunning attires with tattoo designs and a shirt with words unique to you.

Furthermore, their collection of t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies come in different sizes, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. Steadfast Brand is ideal for plus-size individuals searching for tattoo art that's not too edgy but displays simple and relatable concepts.

Check them out.


Why These Plus Size Tattoo Clothing Brands Are The Best


One thing is offering clothing options for plus-size individuals, and another for these fashion pieces to be perfect. The most crucial factor to consider when buying plus-size tattoo clothing is whether they're a good fit.

Why these plus size clotyhing brands are the best - blk ink


Fortunately, Blk Ink Apparel and other tattoo clothing brands mentioned in this article consider two factors to provide the best fit for plus-size individuals. These crucial factors include:


1. Consistency with Body Shape


Whether you're tall, short, small, or thick, your clothes must give you a slim and slender look; in other words, the garment must lay close to your figure and avoid making you appear bigger than usual.

Fortunately, the t-shirts and hoodies stay close to your actual figure without emphasizing unnecessary bumps and curves. Furthermore, there's room for normal movement, making this tattoo clothing a functional and fashionable item.


2. Comfort


A plus size tattoo clothing must fit well and feel comfortable once worn; no unnecessary tightness, itching, or need for constant adjustments. Fortunately, these brands prioritize comfort and use high-quality fabrics for each fashion piece, ensuring you look good in the mirror and feel good throughout the day.

In other words, with these plus size tattoo clothing from Blk Ink and other previously mentioned brands, you'll be able to look stylish and still have a good range of motion. Check them out today.




Finding the right size for plus-size individuals is tricky since the most visually appealing tattoo clothing options are created for slimmer people. However, several brands understand the importance of this marginalized group and include size options catering to their body type.

 Conclusion - Blk Ink

Therefore, if you desire the best plus-size tattoo clothing online, consider Blk Ink or any of the recommended brands in this article. They possess some of the most beautiful pieces of tattoo fashion worthy of your time and money.

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