What Tattoo Clothing Brands for Tattoo Lovers?

 What Tattoo Clothing Brands for Tattoo Lovers?


Tattoo clothing brands can be as varied and as specialised as tattoo art style themselves, and the online retail world has opened up avenues to many artists to showcase some of their amazing work.

Getting a tattoo is not the only way to belong to an alternative lifestyle or counterculture. Body piercing is another way to establish your own individual identity and so is the vast array or cool tattoo clothing and accessories.

There really is so many different brands and styles to choose from, from light and subtle in look and feel to gothic and occult

So if you’re wondering which tattoo clothing brands are best for you, look no further than some of these cool ones below



What are Tattoo Clothing Brands?

Tattoo clothing evolved around the same time as underground or alternative street cultures emerged towards the end of the 20th Century. The rising popularity of tattoos created the need for more tattoo artists and their creativity and expressiveness was at the forefront of their style. This also parlalled with some of the other emerging fashion scenes at the time like surfing, skateboarding, goth, hip hop and metal.


 What are Tattoo Clothing Brands?


The result fashionwise was often a smorgasbord of styles that influenced and borrowed from each other. At the same time so many talented tattoo artists wanted more outlets for their cool designs. And some learned how to screen print their designs onto clothes. Many other artists and tattoo fans wanted to wear these designs too. And so over a number of years independent artists or groups of artists created tattoo clothing brands to meet the demand.



Why are Tattoo Clothing Brands Popular?

Tattoo clothing brands are popular for several reasons. Tattoo art can look amazing on your skin and each design is also highly original. Some of these designs are by artists who have inspired other artists or have huge fanbases. They often release limited edition clothing that look great and allow you to show your admiration for them.

 Why are Tattoo Clothing Brands Popular?

The next reason is that tattoo clothing can be very practical and comfortable. Sneakers, tees, hoodies and beanies are all very popular. They are not very gender specific either, allowing the person to be who they are and express themselves through the art they love. Finally most of the brands also ethical. Many of them will only deal with eco-friendly fair-trade suppliers, and some will not use animal products like leather too.



Are Tattoo Clothing Brands for Tattoo Artists only?

In terms of format and types of clothing, tattoo clothing is of course made with artists in mind. Many of the pieces are black, because this helps prevent staining from ink and the clothing is comfortable, bold and expressive in equal measure.

Are Tattoo Clothing Brands for Tattoo Artists only? 

But tattoo clothing brands are universal. They are for everyone with an interest in tattoos or everyone who just loves to express themselves with stunning designs. And because they are comfortable, anyone can feel great wearing them too. So really tattoo clothing brands may be worn more by tattoo artists, but anyone can love wearing them too.



How to wear Tattoo Clothing Brands?

Tattoo clothing brands come in many different forms. Most of items themselves are made from fair-trade cotton and they are loose and comfortable to wear. Beanies, sneakers, t-shirts and hoodies are all popular, while tote bag and prints are also sought after accessories.

How to wear Tattoo Clothing Brands?

These days tattoo clothing brands are a lot more mainstream and ubiquitous, so you can pretty much wear tattoo clothing brands anywhere. You can also mix and match them with other clothing styles - allowing to create your own supercool look. It really is up to you how you wear them, and today they are so many stylish tattoo clothing brands to choose from.

Blk Ink

Blk Ink is an exciting new online tattoo fashion store that is quickly getting the attention of tattoo artists and fans alike. Based in Dublin Ireland they are a creative lifestyle apparel brand that’s made by artists for free-spirited people. They embrace diversity and help redefine beauty, daring to think outside the box as they go. Blk Ink designs clothes that unleash artists’ creativity - giving your look an edgy and attractive style.

Sullen Clothing

Sullen Clothing is one of the longest-established tattoo clothing brands. Based in Califronia they were heavlity influenced by the beach culture there along with a focus on ideals and practives of modern tattooist. They started of as a small group of art drive tattooers and grew into what they call their ‘Art Collective’. They firmly believe that all forms of art should be celebrated and you can see in their progressive fashion and accessories.


High Dive Apparel

High Dive Apparel defines that sense of being so free and creative that you can jump into the unknown. In fact jumping into the unknown is what they did to get started, and it’s what they promise you will do when you shop with them online. They collaborate with some of the most epic tattoo artists out there, who produce some stunning designs on top quality clothing and accessories that include tees, hoodies, sweaters beanies, enamel pins and more.


Idle Fury

Idle fury was born as vehicle to represent the underrepresented and or swim against the tide. Founded in South East London, it’s owner wanted to leave what he called run-of-the-mill idleness behind and pursue his passion without any delay. So this explains the ‘idle fury’ that inspired the brand. They love bold designs, beautiful letter-forms and gritty textures and took inspirations from traditional tattoos as well as illustrative art. Their clothing is also top-quality and full of personality - allowing you to be truly yourself.


Ink Addict

Ink Addict specialises in the more subtle and elegant tattoo art. Quite often you’ll see tattoo clothing that it’s bold and masculine, and not as much on the feminine side. But Ink Addict has some amazing clothing lines with tattoo designs that are more directed towards women. They do have men clothes too of course, and their aim is to ‘empower anyone and everyone to express their individuality, set trends, and inspire others—regardless of the ink (or absence of) under their skin’


Steadfast brand

Based in the US, the Steadfast brand has been around forever and is a premier industry player in bringing the art of tattooing to the masses. They showcase artists who deserve to be seen not just producing clothing but prints and sketchbooks of their works. They don’t believe in trying to edgy or stylish by design - they simply help show off the best concepts by artists you would otherwise never have heard of.


Seventh Ink

Seventh.Ink clothing lines have a horror-themed look, but also add lots of colour to their range. Some of their fashion range will even glow in the dark. The brand began as a side-project in 2007 and quickly evolved as a more unique take on colourful/humourous clothing. The most popular collections have included the Haunted Collection and the Gods & Goddesses Series, and the brand continues to grows as more concepts get explored. 

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